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Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Preparing for the Project Management Professional or the PMP Exam has always been challenging for Busy practicing managers in the industry. So many questions may arise in their mind like

  • I am so busy at work everyday and have limited time to read and prepare for the exam using the huge books that I have

  • All the material available today for PMP Exam Prep are Big Fat Books and just looking at them puzzles me

  • Although I have the Best books available in the Industry, I am still not able to get through the concepts or the exam successfully

  • There are so many formulas and that is where I struggle

If one or more of these questions arise in your mind, you are reading the right blog, as to break a coconut, is not just Important to hit it hard, but hit it at the right spot. This blog will help you streamline your efforts towards the PMP exam preparation.

Every Individual is different in the way they learn, grasp and retain information. According to research carried out by Fleming and Mills in 1992, there are four different types of learners in the world based on the sensory modalities used during the learning process.The graphic below shows the different types of learners. A book may not work for all. Infographic below shows four types of learners based on VARK model.

When we looked at what is available for PMP aspirants today, most of what is available focused at Read / Write type of learners, or in other words ‘Just Books’. But if you belonged to the other three types, the probability of your success in understanding the concept and in turn succeeding in the exam would be affected.

At PMPrep, we have taken this into serious consideration and have tailored our PMP exam prep tools, in a way that we have tools for all kinds of learners. Our Product portfolio provides a diverse range of tools that one can use in combination with other tools. The Infographic below shows all our products that are designed around all types of learners. Image below represents what PMPrep has to offer for all types of learners

Visual Learners can benefit from our first of its kind Knowledge area posters that have been carefully designed to help understand how all the processes, process groups and knowledge areas integrate together. The creative mind maps for all knowledge area will help PMP Exam Prepin a visual way. Our Ready to use templates are editable excel files of how key deliverables and reports should look like. Use them to see it and understand or use them to practice project management the PMP way.

For Auditory learners, Our Video lessons and Downloadable Audio books provide a perfect solve. These are 100% online and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The Audio books are MP3 files and can be downloaded for offline listening. Now you can prepare even when you run or travel to work

For Read / Write learners, our E-book is the best. Our Quick reference guides with key topics for every module in 2-4 pages will suit perfectly for those who want the juice to refresh themselves now and then or the last minute brush ups.

Last for those who want to DO IT to understand (Kinesthetic Learners), we have 1200+ ‘Test Yourself’ Flash cards. These helpyouto test yourself by any module or topic of your choicewhen you finish preparing. Keep forgetting those hard to remember formulas? Our Formula guide with practice questions and answer keys will make things easier for you to manage. Our One-page cheat sheet will help you recollect information with a quick glance.

Apart from its products, PMPrep goes further to help aspirants with its ‘Daily Dose’ PMP exam prep Q&A’s and #PMProfessor tips and tricks that are published across all of its social platforms. When you set your journey towards PMP Exam Prep, do not forget to follow Us on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube for exciting stuff everyday.

Visit for more information on how our products could help you.

Happy Prep and Happy to Help…


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